How to Select Personnel in a Company?


Do you have doubts about how to select personnel in a company? Would you like to know the keys to selecting the best candidates for a job?

Personnel selection processes are not easy at all and questions usually arise or moments in which we would like to be clear about how to select personnel in a company successfully and appropriately for each job.

Assessing skills, CVs, professional profiles, and vacant positions can become a task in which it becomes difficult to know how to act more appropriately. But there is no need to despair because precisely to help with the selection we bring the best recommendations and advice on how to select personnel in a company. Go for it!

Define in detail the profile to select

The first piece of advice to know how to select personnel in a company is what is known in human resources as the ” job description” is a fundamental element for a good selection of personnel. These descriptions define in detail the functions to be carried out by the worker who must cover the vacancy, being of great help for the selection.

For this reason, one of the first steps for the selection of personnel in a company is to clearly define the profile that is sought. In addition to the functions, the level of studies, the worker’s stratum within the organization, as well as the responsibilities of the which you will have to answer. 

No detail should be overlooked. Because the more detailed the description you get of the profile to be selected. The more facilities there will be to identify the profiles that fit it.

Analyze the team and work environment of the company

team and work environment of the company

In this post, we are also going to talk about team analysis and the company’s work environment. Once the profile to look for is clear. There is a list of functions and technical knowledge, as well as the responsibilities that the selected candidate will have to perform. 

However, this is only the most concrete or obvious part of the selection. But to know how to properly select personnel in a company, you also have to take into account the skills and personality traits, as well as the values ​​that best suit each position.

Thus, it is important to analyze the team or projects in which the selected candidate will work, as well as the organizational values. If the person is going to join a team with a marked leader, someone who is not going to compete directly with that leadership will be better suited, for example.

Be very clear about the conditions of the position before selecting personnel

It is essential to know how to select personnel in a company that the management of the company that is looking for a new worker makes the working conditions very clear. This will affect the subsequent confidence that we offer to the candidates in the position. It will also allow us to project security and reliability. Both on our part and the part of the company as a whole.

Being clear about the salary range that will be respected. The approximate times or phases and the dates of the selection process will allow the most suitable candidates to feel supported and taken into account in a serious and clear process, staying in selection process.

Losing candidates who can be very valuable for the vacant job is one of the most important things to take into account to know how to select personnel in a company, and for this, offering clear and reliable information is essential.

Strategically choose recruitment portals

When publishing the job offer and starting to receive resumes to carry out the selection of personnel, a good tip to know how to select personnel in a company is to previously analyze which portals or spaces interest us the most depending on the job position and candidates to select.

On the one hand, you can first look at the company’s own staff, since an internal selection can be a very good opportunity not only to keep and motivate the most promising or committed profiles of the organization but also to be perceived the possibility of promotion and evaluation by current employees, which also helps to retain talent.

But if the offer is going to be published on employment portals and social networks, you can also make a selection of the most suitable employment portals to publish the offer, publishing on specific hospitality portals if we are looking for a cook, for example. Likewise, in social networks, it can be published in groups of the profile or professional area for which we make the selection of personnel.

Create a climate of naturalness in the personnel selection interview

When there are a series of profiles that, in principle, are adapted to the demands of the company’s personnel selection and since it is being carried out, it is time to arrange an interview.

In this step, one of the tips to know how to select personnel in a company is to know how to create a climate in which the interviewee feels comfortable. As this will allow more information to be obtained from the questions. 

To do this, it is advisable to start the interview by asking about the interest in the offer or the current situation of the interviewee, so that he or she relaxes.

In addition, a cordial interview makes the selection process more enjoyable, promoting the interest of the candidates and, promoting a better subsequent performance of the position.

Check data and confirm references for an optimal selection

Once the candidates have been interviewed, another very useful recommendation to know how to select personnel in a company will be to verify all the information on the curriculum as well as that obtained in the interview.

To do this, first of all, focusing on the details of each function in the interview itself. The detail and familiarity with which the candidate talks about them. Specifically relates how they were carried out will allow us to know the level of real experience and depth with who has performed the duties of the position.

On the other hand, once the interview is over, contacting the references of a colleague or boss in which the candidate has previously done the job is an optimal way to confirm the information provided by the candidate and obtain an external opinion from someone. who has worked with him or her?

Do not rule out potential candidates when recruiting

potential candidates when recruiting
Human Resources concept: choosing the perfect candidate for the job

Lastly, in this post on how to select personnel in a company. We are going to talk about the potential candidates to be selected.

If after carrying out the selection process there is an ideal candidate for the position. This should never lead to discarding or failing to take into account other candidates who can also perform it successfully, even if we think that they are not as suitable. 

This is fundamental advice to know how to select personnel in a company, since, on many occasions, the most suitable candidate may have any inconvenience for which in the end he does not accept the position or the company’s management may see some reason that makes you want to find someone else.

For this reason, when faced with potentially suitable candidates, you must always maintain contact and make a shortlist to have more than one possibility that can fill the job.

Now that you know these tips to make a good selection, surely you know how to approach with more security and strategy how to select personnel in a company