What are the steps for creating a website?


Among the always legitimate web projects to establish its presence on the net, there is that of creating a website. 

Here is a guide retracing the steps of creating a website in 2022 , which will allow you to have an idea of ​​​​each part of this process. 

From putting the website into production until it goes live, you’ll know enough not to get lost and you’ll be sure to embark on a well-planned project.


So, what are the steps for creating a website?

Follow the guide and take note.

Definition of the type of website and its objectives

ProArch website and its objectives

You will have to ask yourself about your objectives on the web and the resulting needs. Define your budget, identify your targets and analyze your market on the net. You will be able to choose the type of site you want to develop:

  • showcase site
  • site e-commerce
  • a blog,
  • a forum, etc.

By determining the type of website you need, you will know what tools you need, such as a content manager for example. 

Find a domain name 

The domain name is your address on the internet. Just as your postal address allows you to find yourself, your domain name allows your customers and contacts to find your website. 

A well-chosen domain name will contribute to a better visibility of your website. In addition to allowing more efficient indexing by search engines, it will be easier to remember by users. 

Choose a hosting solution

ProArch hosting solution

Regardless of the type of site you opt for, you will need to choose a hosting solution. 

Web hosting consists of providing websites with spaces where they can store their data on secure servers. 

This will allow the site to be constantly online and therefore constantly accessible to users. Several web hosting solutions are possible, such as: 

  • shared hosting, 
  • dedicated servers, 
  • and VPS servers (virtual dedicated servers).

You will choose your hosting offer depending on the type of site you plan to develop. 

For example, an e-commerce site needs more storage space than a showcase site, to be able to display the many products and all the content that goes with them. 

Another example: a site with a large audience may need a server dedicated to it.

You can, yourself, direct you to a hosting service provider or entrust the task to the web agency already in charge of the development of your website , which will charge you a generally annual hosting rate. 

Write a specification

Writing specifications for your website is an essential step in your website creation project. 

Ensuring that it is complete and correctly written will allow your development enterprise to run smoothly and you will be sure to receive a final product that comes as close as possible to your expectations. 

The CoC will include the purpose of your website as well as its functionality and behavior. The more specific it is, the easier the agreement with your development team will be. You will also be sure to receive the most accurate quote possible. 

Get quotes

The purpose of writing the specifications is precisely to be able to submit it to several service providers and to have the possibility of comparing between the different proposals. You will then know the cost of your website . 

The estimate will take the form of a document on which appears everything to which the service provider undertakes. 

In case of agreement between the two parties, you will sign and return the quote which will serve as proof of your commitment.

Write content

Among the steps to create a website, there is that of writing the content. 

Your main mission will be to offer content first judged to be of quality by the search engines, which will then offer it to Internet users. Google, for example, urges you to ensure that:

  • your content is original
  • your pages inspire confidence
  • your content is relevant (responds to requests from Internet users)
  • your content is quickly and easily accessible on all devices

For more information, you can read Google’s webmaster guidelines .

Create the sitemap of website

ProArch sitemap of website

Now that your content is ready and has been delivered, it is possible for your service provider to create the plan for your future site. 

It will be a question of drawing up a tree structure indicating the form which the site will take, its architecture or, in other words, its skeleton. 

The web designer, having received the content of the site, will be able to classify it, list it and group it in the best way. 

Once this plan has been developed, it will be possible to determine the number of pages and their position according to their importance. 

Design graphic models

With the site plan in hand and thanks to the specifications of the specifications, it will be possible for your service provider to develop the design of the site and its visual appearance.

If the company’s graphic charter already exists, then it will be integrated into the site and taken into account for the rest of the design.

Otherwise, the first step will be to create a visual identity for your website. This goes through the colors, the logo, the typography, etc. 

Generally, several proposals are made to the client including: logos, choice of fonts, colors…

Creation of the website

This is the most important step in creating your website. First, your service provider will move on to integrating the pages of your site. 

The designed mockups will now be translated into pages that can be interpreted by web browsers. This is called front-end development. 

Second, your developer will power your site. This is the back-end part of the development. 

Your HTML pages are statistical and now need a database and dynamization. 

The goal is to be able to administer your pages via a content manager and to consider more advanced interactions: publishing content, ordering online, managing a customer account, etc.


After testing, your website is finally online. The development project has ended, but your business is just getting started. 

It is no longer a question of the stages of creation of the website. Now it’s about getting people talking about your website. Several options are available to you : 

  • natural referencing
  • paid referencing
  • email campaigns
  • advertising campaigns on social networks, etc.

Also note that a website requires maintenance. Do not hesitate to talk about maintenance with your service provider to see what he has to offer you. 

Your goal is to keep your site looking its best with changes, additions, fixes, etc.

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